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Here are some resources I've created for mythtv.


I'm working on a theme howto.

Abstract theme - [main theme (927K tar.gz)] [osd theme (22K tar.gz)] - new
Big thanks to Xbox Media Center for inspiration (specifically the Project Mayhem skin).
Updated 01.13.2005 with OSD fadeout and other new buttons for CVS
Updated 09.10.2004 with recording_options screen for CVS
Updated 06.13.2004 with MythMusic info lines for CVS
Updated 05.09.2004 with MythMusic matching theme images

BlueSky theme - download (988K .tar.gz)
Updated 10.24.2003 with MythNews icon image
Updated 07.14.2003 with test release (not final!)
Updated 07.10.2003 with initial preview image

PurpleGalaxy theme - download (871K .tar.gz)
Updated 12.14.2003 with new recording priorities page and other items for Myth 0.13
Updated 07.06.2003 with a watermark image from Voyager
Updated 07.05.2003 with the program rankings screen for Myth 0.10
Updated 06.22.2003 with better button_on.png, uparrow.png, and downarrow.png images.


Still working on a streaming music addition to MythMusic. Diff file available here and the patch here.


Adding a Play VCD button: Install xine and put the following button entry in videomenu.xml:

       <text>Play VCD</text>
       <action>EXEC xine -g -f vcd://1</action>
Then you can just put a Video CD in the CD-ROM drive and select this menu option to watch movies.