Over the years I've been collecting a lot of info related to the Porsche 911. Lately, however, since I've been an owner of the 1986 911 Carrera, I've been focusing more on that particular year, and have found some valuable information that might be of particular use to other 911 owners.

What if I am buying/just bought a 911 Carrera?

  1. First, find your local chapter of the PCA and go to a meeting. Talk with everyone there. Porsche owners are dying to talk about their cars. Just prod them a bit to get them started.
  2. Be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection. Your local Porsche mechanic can do one for about $100.
  3. Buy the book The Porsche Story by Paul Frere. This, combined with your new car, will stoke the fire of Porschephilia.
  4. Join RennList, the Porsche mailing list. Digests are about 100Kbytes per day, brimming with Porsche informational goodness.

General 911 Information

  • 911 F.A.Q. list
  • Carrera history
  • Buying a used 911
  • PCNA site

    911 tech tips

  • Engine removal checklist
  • Replacing intake manifold gaskets
  • Replacing the O2 sensor (84-89 Carrera)
  • Terry's 911 tech page
  • Collection of tips from PorscheList
  • Car care

    Courtesy Pelican Parts:

  • Valve adjustment
  • Distributor Timing
  • Distributor Troubles
  • 911 Shifting Improvements
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Easy Ignition Cut-off Switch
  • In-dash Air-mixture Monitor
  • Startup problems?
  • Front Suspension Guide
  • Polishing Alloy Wheels
  • Steering Wheel removal
  • Street Dyno
  • All About Gasoline

    Information sources for owners

  • RennList mailing list
  • Porsche Club of America
  • PCA Potomac Region 911 chat forum

    Parts, rebuilds

  • dcAutomotive
  • Automotion
  • Autobile Atlanta
  • Pelican Parts
  • Platz Mall
  • CMW Racing
  • Motor Meister, Inc.
  • Yahoo's listing for Porsche parts

    More Carrera 3.2 links

  • The Porsche 911 Evolution: 911 Carrera 3.2
  • St. Louis Region PCA Carrera 3.2 page

    I've had a lot of people e-mail me asking for advice on books to buy for a new 911 owner who wants to perform their own maintenance and repair. Well, I'm also a new 911 owner, who is slowly trying to learn repair, so I can at least recommend the books I have purchased:
  • 911 Performance Handbook, by Bruce Anderson ($22.00)
  • 911 Parts Catalogue, 1974-1989, Porsche AG ($9.95)
  • Haynes Service Manual, 911 (65-89) ($19.98)
  • Up-Fixin' der Porsche Vol. VII, PCA ($18.00)